I took a quick tour of my posts to date. Hmm. They seem rather… Unlight. I was hoping for something a little less… Depressing?

Maybe this is just that early phase in a young blog’s life, where it is still developing its voice. The author’s voice. My voice.

I have tried taking two completely separate topics and combining them into a single post via an unexpected link. But I’m not sure I’m doing it very well. As I alluded above, my posts of this kind feel rather cloudy to me. More practice is needed to pull it off with sunshine.

So, time for a bit of change of direction. has a wonderful feature called Freshly Pressed. Great for stretching your wings. There are some rather amazing writers out in the blogosphere. A few have had me LOLing. (Perhaps more correctly, “lolling.”) Really? Really.

I am going to try emulating styles of posts I find a little bright than what I’ve got so far. Maybe my blog will even learn to sing!


Choosing a theme

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see that this blog is hosted on I highly recommend the service if you ever want to put your words or photos up for all to see.

As I write this, offers a choice of 175 themes. Certainly one of those can provide a suitably matching canvas to match words and images.

And yet, I cannot decide which theme I think matches best.