This afternoon I scrolled through my list of recent items on Facebook. One of them was from Pamela Hodges.

“Yes, it is a lie,” she wrote, as a comment to the Jon Acuff blog post she shared, entitled, “The lie we all believe sometimes.

I was casually scrolling through when I saw Pamela’s addition to my feed. But I stopped and scrolled back. Something caught my eye. Something in the excerpt of Jon’s blog post. “People younger than you will die today.”

This morning my brother-in-law died. He is… was… just a handful of years younger than me. The life of a strong, vibrant, self-reliant, drop-anything-to-lend-a-hand kind of guy stolen over the course of less than a year by diffuse systemic scleroderma.

I saw him late yesterday afternoon. A quick visit on my way home from work. He was recovering from surgery earlier that afternoon, and was looking relatively well. He, my sister, and I quickly made plans for another after-work visit on Monday, as I had to dash out to catch my bus.

“See you Monday!” I said as I headed out of his room.

As Jon says, the lie we all sometimes believe is “later.” Sometimes later doesn’t come.



    Today’s edition of The Daily Post, When Life Gets in the Way: Finding Time to Blog, feels like it was written for me.

    My last post is just shy of three months old already. I have felt guilty for ignoring my millions thousands hundreds dozens handful of adoring fans hanging on for so long for my next mind-blowing installment. Today’s aforementioned The Daily Post provided the proper kick in the pants.

    So, here’s what’s been up:

    • Work. Lots of it. That has finally started to ease up.
    • Scleroderma. Insanely fast, aggressive diffuse systemic scleroderma. My sister will soon be a widow and the mother of two children robbed of their father. He came into this world in nine months from conception to birth. Now it appears he will leave it in about nine months from diagnosis to death. I know life isn’t fair, but This. Is. Not. Fair.
    • Church. Denomination, too. I am debating leaving the one we have attended for years for another. Staying is becoming increasingly difficult. Leaving will probably be quite hard. But I think the time has come, and is probably long overdue. My family is starving for solid teaching.

    Before I leave you hanging again, NaNoWriMo 2013 starts in just 13 days. Are you ready?