I reviewed résumés this morning.

I wanted to include “résumé” in my notes back to my boss. Rather than switch keyboard layouts to type the accented letter, I took this as an opportunity for a side trip to Dictionary.com for a quick copy-paste. I don’t need much of an excuse to visit Dictionary.com. This was clearly enough of an excuse.

Entry found on http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/resume, accessed 23-Mar-2012

Hmmm. Picking up where one has left off is interesting, but I want the job seeker’s document. Scroll, scroll. There it is, at “re·su·me2,” a short entry with a link titled “résumé.” I can quickly copy-paste that, and I don’t really need the definition. But the link’s siren sings, and I cannot resist.

Did I mean what?

I hope my boss sends me more résumés to review. I now find them strangely uplifting….

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