The clock has almost ticked its last on 2013. The clock ticked its last on a couple family members over the last couple months. And the clock almost ticked its last on this blog as well.

But, the dawning of a new year has a way of helping people look to the future with hopes and dreams of new beginnings and rebeginnings.

See you next year in… three… two…


Goodbye 2012

I can hardly believe another year is about to wrap itself up in a matter of minutes. I am amazed at how much I have accomplished, yet regret what I could have done but did not.
So, my one resolution for 2013 shall be to have fewer such regrets 365 days from now. All other resolutions and goals will follow from that. Cliché or not, barring some kind of time travel scenario, we only get to do 2013 once.