Thawing winter’s inertia

Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride jerseyWell, well, well. In just 77 days, a mere 11 weeks from today, the 48th annual Minnesota Ironman® Bike Ride begins.

It is not a triathlon, which is good, because my running and swimming skills are nowhere near good enough for a triathlon.

It is not a race, which is also good, because I can’t say I have ever been able to sustain a race pace for longer than, oh, 3.14159 seconds. Going downhill. With gale-force winds at my back.

It is still winter where I live, and I don’t have the appropriate bike or clothing for polar vortexes and blizzard conditions. Fortunately, I have a variety of options for training indoors. Indoor cycle classes (a.k.a., spinning—wool and magic lasso not included), stair climbing machines, elliptical machines, treadmills, etc.

Unfortunately, I find myself having difficulty thawing out winter’s inertia.

Early January I decided I was long overdue on losing a few pounds. Fifteen for sure, preferably twenty. I made it a solid, steady two. Yesterday’s, scale said they were back after six days. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Yesterday, I decided to get off my lazy rump and play Dance Central 3 with my son. There is a reason I don’t dance, and the game’s periodic replay feature reinforced that in spades. But I was moving. Until a painful calf cramp put an end to my poorly done Frederick Austerlitz impersonation.

But, I still have 77 days, a whole eleven weeks to prepare for the ride. I will be ready for the Ironman’s century route!



Today marks a full 29 days since I have donned cycling garb and put foot to pedal. The calendar also shows I intend to ride the 47th Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride in just 15 days.

I have a couple perfectly reasonable excuses for not training. Demands of my job required I suspend the once or twice weekly lunchtime Cycle 45 sessions. Worse, I acquired a cold that became an energy-draining sinus infection. Drained enough that I spent the bulk of more than one weekend day sacked out on the couch.

Perfectly reasonable excuses for not training. For four weeks? Really?

Being honest with myself, I lost sight of my goal and kept putting training off. Except for the week or so where I was sleeping up to 16 hours a day, I could have made time each week to make the pedals go ’round. Granted, maybe not at a normal intensity, but I would have still been headed toward the goal.

When I registered for the event ten weeks ago, I was eager for the century route. Now that is a daunting prospect. Even so, I getting back on the bike from where I am now. I am still headed to the Ironman ride.

Sounds a lot like other things in life…