Liebster award

Woo-hoo! I have been given the Liebster Award! My thanks go to LividFrost, who writes at Swirls of Truth for nominating me. I have enjoyed reading her blog. If you like peeking into the mind of a writer, I think you will too.

Liebster award: discover new blogs! The Liebster Award is given in recognition of a good blog yet to earn 200 followers. The exact origins of the award are a bit of a mystery, and the acceptance rules have changed over time. (I provided a complete set as I understand them below.) One thing that has remained constant is that the Liebster Award is a great way to discover new blogs.

Now without further ado, in accepting the Liebster Award I present my answers to LividFrost’s questions.

Questions posed to me

1. What is you favorite type of weather?

I am probably not alone in saying I prefer a bright and warm sunny day, with roads and bike paths clean and dry.

2. If coffee were to suddenly be reported to be hazardously poisonous to the body and deemed illegal, how would that effect your life?

I am not a regular coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the taste of a brew that tastes good without anything in it. Taste aside, the aroma of a freshly brewed cup is what I would miss the most. That, and the way it perfectly cuts and complements the sweetness of a dessert, or my favorite bakery cinnamon roll… Mmmm…

3. If you were to write a novel, what would it be about?

Good question. I ponder that every year as November approaches. Something about an ordinary man or woman drawn into not so ordinary circumstances. Something action-adventury with a touch of geeky goodness. That sounds so horribly cliché.

4. Coke or Pepsi? In-depth explanation please.

If I am plunging my hand into a cooler with both, I will probably choose Pepsi. It seems to have a bit less bite. However, if the cooler offers something other than a cola, say, ginger ale or root beer, I will probably go with that. Sometimes I crave Grape Crush from a glass bottle. If it’s a hot day, Squirt.

If I am obtaining a carbonated beverage from a fountain machine offering both brands, rare, but such machines do exist, I tend to go with a Pepsi-affiliated product.

At the bar, it’s a no-brainer: Coke. One does not order a rum and Pepsi, or a Captain’s Pepsi. It’s rum and Coke. Or, it’s the double-tall Captain’s Coke that arrives at your table without you even have to order, even though you show up for happy hour maybe once or twice a month. Oh yeah, I make sure to amply reward service like that.

5. Have you ever made a super embarrassing typo? If so, what was it and what happened?

Oh yeah. A friend and I were complaining to each other via text messaging about some of the annoying behaviors of a mutual friend. In the middle of the conversation, the mutual friend pinged me, and I answered. Later during both conversations, I accidentally sent my latest less than complementary remark to the wrong conversation.

Yeah, oops. Fortunately, the damage was minimal. We are all still friends.

6. If could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I actually ponder something similar whenever I find myself enjoying a particularly good meal. This is absolutely delicious. Mmmm. I could eat this for the rest of my life… Or could I? Right now, I am craving an Indian dish. Chicken in an orange-colored sauce. I don’t know what it’s called.

7. Do you 1. Like writing a blog post, 2.Find it a burden but are doing it anyways, 3.Don’t really care but do it because you have nothing else to do or 4. None of the above?

Usually, I enjoy writing posts. But writing can feel like a burden at times. I blow off a once or twice occurrence of that burden feeling. More than that, and I look to see what I need to change.

8. For cross-atlantic or cross-pacific travels, would you prefer ship or airplane?

A ship. Over the years I have come to enjoy airline travel less and less. I have yet to be on a cruise ship, so that would be a new adventure for me. Ironically, I would probably have to fly to get to the ship, though I would look into other options to get to the ship.

9. If you were suddenly thrown in the Hunger Games, what do you think are your chances of surviving? Of winning?

I would probably make it through the first night. After that, holographic three-horned ape-wolves would gore me, or a carnivorous flaming stream would rise up, broil and boil me. I can’t say either one sounds like a pleasant demise.

10. Google, Bing or Yahoo?


One of my first for any length of time was Alta Vista. Then Yahoo!. Google became my search engine of choice around the turn of the century.

Yahoo!’s pages started getting way too heavy with ads and fluff for use over a dial-up modem that topped out at 33.6 kbps on a good day. So, I gave Google a try and was hooked on it’s sparse interface, minimal graphics, fast searches, good results.

I started using Bing on a whim in 2009, out of ongoing frustration with Google’s inability to handle C, C++, and C# as unique search terms. By the time Google finally got around to adding support for programming languages with symbols in their names, Bing was an entrenched habit.

*Bonus Question*: Do you think Wikipedia is reliable?

Overall, yes. Granted, it is not considered usable as a source for scholarly work. But I have found it to provide reasonably accurate information, and to be much more comprehensive than any other online encyclopedia. Most articles provide a wealth of sources for further research, and those with issues are clearly marked as such.

Compare that with Encyclopædia Britannica. While its articles are indeed very good, last time I tried using it to research a topic it had less in-depth content, did not have discussion pages where people could ask for clarification or point out issues, and the lists of sources were disappointing.

My nominees

These are listed in no particular order, other than alphabetical. Unless I failed to properly proofread, that is. Take some time to visit each and enjoy their humor, their seriousness, their exploration, their something-other-than-what-I/you-would-normally-read and consider.

Questions for my nominees

  1. If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?
  2. What is your current favorite book and why?
  3. Dog, cat, or other? Why?
  4. Animal, vegetable, or mineral? Why?
  5. Men: what style of facial hair do you prefer to wear and why? Women, what style do you prefer to see and why?
  6. Do you bike, run, or swim regularly often? If so, what one tip would you offer someone considering starting? If not, why not?
  7. Are you tired of being asked why as part of every question?
  8. You have been selected for a slot on a reality TV competition. Which show is it? What do you think your chances are of winning the top prize?
  9. Which teacher in grades Kindergarten through 12 has made the biggest impact on your life and why?
  10. What do you estimate your life expectancy to be? How did you arrive at that figure?
  11. Bonus: Find a writing utensil and something to write on. Write, “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” Now write the same sentence with your other hand. Post a picture of your handiwork.

Rules for accepting the Liebster Award

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their Liebster Award blog post.
  2. Answer the ten questions given to you by the person who nominated you. Bonus questions are optional.
  3. Nominate five to ten of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Provide a link to each, and notify them their nomination.
  4. List ten new questions for your nominees to answer. You may include more than ten questions, marked as bonus questions, but remember your nominees only need answer your first ten.
  5. Include the acceptance rules in your post, so your nominees know what to do.
I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger! I received the Liebster Award at the perfect time to be my Zero to Hero blogging challenge day fourteen assignment.

Zero to hero: fourteen

Today’s assignment: community chest

Today’s assignment is blogger’s choice. So, I have decided to play Monopoly, the Zero to Hero edition.

My turn to roll… A one and a four. One, two, three, four, five. Community Chest.

Community Chest: You receive the Liebster Award for an awesome blog - collect 20 followers

Did I not say this challenge has been awarding? Check out my Liebster Award!

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!You have just read my fourteenth post for the Zero to Hero blogging challenge. The challenge has livened up my little corner of the web, blogosphere, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. The challenge can do it can do it for yours, too. Don’t worry if you haven’t started. Don’t worry if you are behind. Many participants, myself included, are on the day or three behind plan, so feel free to go at your own pace. Good luck!