My secret is out. I explicitly mentioned I’ve been blogging here to someone I know. I mentioned it as part of a comment on her blog.

Part of blogging is wanting other people to read what you have written. This is true even for those bloggers who say that are only writing for themselves. If they were truly writing only for themselves, they would record their posts in some form that only they can access, like a journal.

It’s not that I’m purposely hiding my blog from anyone. I simply am not overtly advertising.

Up until now, save for a brief visit by one person on the other side of the world, I have been my blog’s sole visitor. But a visit from a complete stranger is not the same as a visit from someone you know.

OK, I admit it: I am a little nervous about having people I know read my blog. Especially those who do not also have a blog of their own that I can visit. I’m throwing myself out there publicly, while they remain safely hidden.

But how is posting on a blog really any different from posting on say, Facebook? Hmm. Much the same, actually. Except that you can’t unfriend an unruly blog reader. Not to imply my friends are unruly. Well, most of them…