Finally, after weeks of battling evening schedules I made it to class. A group class at the health club to work my core.

I didn’t really know what to expect. The only other group classes I have tried, learned to quickly dislike, and give up on were of the aerobic step kind. I don’t know how a person is supposed learn the requisite moves in those classes. Just when I think I’m moving the way everyone else is, the instructor changes it on me. Now I am out of sync again. Can’t we just stick with one movement until my body has it learned? Frustrating.

I was hoping Core would be different. The description I vaguely remember from reading weeks ago didn’t seem to indicate any swooping dance like moves, so that was covered. No, I was more worried I would have to lift embarrassingly light weights. But I was determined to at least try.

Having enough of a treadmill warm up, I checked the clock. Five minutes to go. I didn’t want to be so early that I’d be first, left wondering what I was supposed to do for setup. But I didn’t want to be too late either, in case the room filled to capacity. I should have arrived sooner than five minutes to go.

Looking around there were people at mats with Swiss balls under control in step risers. Can’t get away from the step boards. Everyone also seemed to have medicine balls too. I spied three mat-ball sets without people near me. None of them had a water bottle, towel, or any other sign of being claimed. I chose one.

A woman leaned over. “That’s someone’s spot.”

“Oh, sorry. How about one of those?” gesturing at one of the other two stations.

“They are all taken. You have to get your own mat and ball.”

“Sorry, this is my first time. I didn’t know.” As soon as I said that, it dawned on me that wasn’t entirely true. Of course I knew I’d had to get my own mat and ball. That’s how every class operates. Somehow the surprise at seeing a nearly full room temporarily knocked that bit of common knowledge aside.

The woman scanned the room and pointed. “There is some room in the front corner, over there.”

That didn’t look like enough room to me. But, I thanked her and started weaving my way toward the indicated area.

I said hi to the instructor. I know him. He leads the Sunday afternoon bike rides I plan to frequent again this year. Last Sunday was an awesome ride. I know how to do ride a bike, I have my place in the group. It’s not frustrating like group aerobics.