The Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride is in two weeks. Until a month ago, I had been looking forward to riding the century (100-mile) route. Extra hours at work the last few months had taken their toll, leading to almost non-existent training for the ride. I’m not sure you could even consider a couple 20-mile rides back in March as training. I have been so worn down that last week I decided the ride just wasn’t in the cards for me this year.

Lucky for me, I had to work this weekend to do what I could to help get our project completed for release this week.

Lucky to have to work the weekend?

Yes, lucky.

My boss stopped by Saturday afternoon to chat about the project. Two minutes later, my rundown of my progress was done. Then we got talking about the 5K run event he finished that morning. He had a picture of himself decked out in his cold-weather running gear on his phone. His daughter said he looked like a dork. He looked pretty normal to me. From personal experience, fashion isn’t quite a top priority when participating in a cold-weather event. He ran his 5K in near freezing temperatures without having to walk any of it. His goal had been to run the whole distance without walking, and he did it.

I decided that if he can run 5K without slowing to a walk, I can at least try my best to pedal 100 miles. Even if a five-minute fast walk now leaves me panting.

My boss had a quadruple-bypass almost a year ago. If he can run, I can ride. Today I registered for the ride.

Thanks for asking me to work the weekend, boss.



Sometimes you find encouragement when and where you least expect it.

Around noon, the sun finally peeked out and brightened the plaza outside my office building. It didn’t last long, but it was nice to see nonetheless.

An encouraging lift in the day.

NaNoWriMo coffee cupThis afternoon I decided a smiling face would be nice to see. So for my afternoon break, I headed to the nearby B&N Café. The friendly barista confirmed my usual, peppermint tea, and proceeded to fetch the refill. Then she noticed the writing on my cup.

I gave a quick description of NaNoWriMo, and she wrote down the URL.

“Cool! I love to write. I used to write all the time. I think I might give NaNoWriMo a try. Thanks!”

(By then a line had formed, or I would have mentioned she might like to try blogging. I’ll save that for the next time I see her.)

An encouraging lift in the day.

This evening I took a quick glance at Facebook, to see if friends and family had anything of interest. (Farmville and other game updates are not interesting, BTW.)

One of my biking friends mentioned he signed up for the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride.

This afternoon, I was leaning toward skipping the ride, just three weeks away. Thanks to his post, I am leaning back toward going for it again.

An encouraging lift in the day.