Bowl of Grain Berry® bran flakes

Bowl of Grain Berry® bran flakes

One thing I find interesting about many cereals is that their nutrition labels pair a serving with a half cup of milk. It doesn’t matter if a serving of the cereal is whole cup. You are still allotted a half cup of milk. Personally, I think the committee who came up with the half cup milk standard is nuts. Seriously? Half a cup? For many cereals (and I do love my cereals!) I find the recommended quantity of milk is simply inadequate to do the job.

When measuring for a food log, I find that a 50-50 ratio of cereal and milk to be the right mix for most cereals. In the case of Sunday morning’s bran flakes, I paired the 3/4 cup serving of cereal with 3/4 cup of milk. Perfect.

Hot cereal? Now that’s a whole other set of ratios!

How about you? Are you a cold cereal eater? What is your preferred cold cereal-milk ratio?