This is the umpteenth revision to this page. I can’t seem to make it say what I really want it to say. I will probably change it again. And again. And probably yet again.

About me

I am your typical (or not) average guy with a blog. Most people call me Lee. Convenient, as that is my name. Husband, father, pet owner. Old enough to be an adult, young enough to be a kid.

About the blog

This blog is a peek at my ongoing comedy of errors and lessons learned, as I explore the likely eclectic collection of interests and activities I generally enjoy, whether performed proficiently or poorly.

I have a variety of interests that seem to come, go, and return. I tend to dig into whichever one has my attention with vigor. In the true sense of “amateur,” I engage in these pursuits with no expectation of financial or professional gain.

Some of my interests are common, and some are not. Hence, a parenthetical “a” in the blog’s title. Really, I wouldn’t have even bothered with this whole “(a)typical” thing, but it’s what popped into my head after discovering a gazillion other people have already co-opted “amateur” for their own selfish purposes.

I’ve had three blogs before this one, each mainly focused on a particular interest I had at when I launched it. This time around I am leaving the particular interest focus open to change. Many expert social media professionals (or whatever they are calling themselves), say this is a recipe for disaster and a blog no one reads. All I can say to that is I’m not posting for money or fame.

About the gargoyle

His name is Oskar. According to Wikipedia he is more properly called a grotesque or chimera. Who knew? I certainly didn’t until I looked up gargoyle in preparation for writing this.

We bought Oskar from a Natural Wonders retail store, I think in the late 1990s. Unfortunately, if you want an Oskar of your own, he will be hard to find. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, “On September 22, 2004, Natural Wonders Inc. went out of business as per its Chapter 11 liquidation filing under bankruptcy.”

Oskar sits atop our China cabinet, perched on his small section of roof in a thoughtful pose, ready to protect those who eat at the table below.

Providing the backdrop is a dated globe we bought second-hand, probably at a garage sale. Interesting how the photo turned out, looking as though I superimposed Oskar’s image over the globe’s. But that is a slice of the actual photo, after simple color adjustments.

OK, let me be honest. The rest of this is going to be even drier than what you just read. Sorry.

About the posts

The content of all posts is mine unless otherwise noted. Ownership of quoted material remains with the owner. If I have made a mistake in your quote or its attribution to you, please let me know. (The best way is to submit a comment to the same post where the mistake is found.) The ownership of your comments remains with you, but since you are posting them on my blog I have your permission to use them however I see fit. I assume the same applies if I comment on your blog. Fair is fair, right?

About the photos

All photos are mine unless otherwise noted. So far, all photos on (a)typical amateur were taken with my Windows Phone, an HTC HD7 Nokia Lumia 925. I do have a regular camera, but my phone is what I almost always have with me. Post processing, if any, is done on the phone, or on my laptop Surface Pro.

Still reading? Awesome! I count you as my number one fan. But not in a Kathy-Bates-as-Annie-Wilkes-in-Misery kind of way, because that would be really, really creepy. And painful.

About reviews and compensation

Unless stated otherwise, if I reviewed it, I (a) bought it, (b) was not compensated for posting the review on this or any site, and (c) will not earn any commission on the reviewed product.


16 thoughts on “About

    • That’s pretty cool, thank you! I’ll try to get the questions answered this week.

      Congrats on winning NaNo this year! I did too, but forgot to mention it here on the blog. (I better get that post written before NaNo 2014…)

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I commend you for the awesome job you’re doing with the “Zero to Hero” challenge. I thought about participating in it, but decided that my purpose for blogging and the purpose for the challenge, while not blatanly opposite, were ideologically incompatible. Regarding your site, I’ve looked at some of your other posts and think that you’ve got a fairly solid blog, even without participating in the ZtH challenge. Keep up the Good work!

    • Thank you, PCGuyIV. It is encouraging to hear I am heading in the right direction, and that some of my older posts were at least pointing that way. After being mostly done with ZtH, I can say that it is better suited to those new to blogging, or perhaps those new to WordPress. Everyone else would be better off skimming through the challenge at its conclusion. Thank you again for your words of encouragement. I’m looking forward to reading more from your blogs.

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  3. Hey man, just wanted to apologize… I know you’ve been over to my blog quite a few times and I couldn’t believe, after reading a few of your posts, that I hadn’t followed yours yet… I don’t know how I missed you. Good stuff brother. I’ll be back.

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