Not mechanically inclined

Pentel Sharplet-2 mechanical pencil with 0.5mm leadI found a Pentel® Sharplet-2® mechanical pencil with 0.5 mm lead in my desk drawer at work today.

I am sure it is a fine mechanical pencil, but mechanical pencils and I do not get along. I press too hard and the lead breaks. I drop them enough times to break the lead. When a lead is nearly used up, it spins to the flat side when I want to use the sharp side.

Although I do not remember putting the pencil in my desk drawer, I probably did. It is the only one in the collection of pens and highlighters, and putting a single pencil into someone’s drawer isn’t much of a joke.

On the other hand, grabbing a handful of mechanical pencils from the supply cabinet and putting them into a coworker’s drawer could be fun.

Done. Seven should be enough, don’t you think?


What do you think?

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