Crosswords (take 2)

Good grief, I managed to publish an empty post from the WordPress mobile app. How about we try this again. And remember, friends don’t let sleepy friends write blog posts…

Think back to last night, when you were doing whatever it was you were doing. While you were doing that, I was occupied with what I was doing at the time…

As is often the case at this time of the evening, I find myself in need of a little down time. OK, more like in need of a full night’s shuteye. The evening news has lost my attention, so I head to the head.

Hmm, it seems I should take a seat upon the throne. Not that you asked, or even really care, but as part of this glorious backstory you might as well know that I don’t normally require throne time before. But tonight I do.

Why is it called the head? Why is it called the throne? Seriously, if I actually owned a castle, complete with an actual throne, I would make sure my royal chair would be comfy enough for my royal seat and not put my leg to sleep.

Working a puzzle helps pass the time while passing whatever needs passing. I grab the crossword puzzle book that lives in the rack attached to the vanity. “In the rack” isn’t the right phrase. More like “on the rack.” As in “on” whatever collection of printed matter has been jammed into the rack. We really should clean that thing out. But not tonight. I hear my bed calling. And a puzzle.

My latest chicken scratching is on puzzle 4. Only a few words filled in. Just like puzzle 3. Just like puzzle 2. And just like the one before that. Pitiful.

I had finished the previous crossword puzzle book a couple weeks ago. I could complete almost every puzzle in that book about ten minutes. Fifteen if I was tired. And I could complete an entire puzzle in that book without resorting to checking the answers in the back. At least up until the final ten or so puzzles. Whoever created those got a little too creative with some of the clues. Like on the order of 37 down: roadside gamble, two words in eight letters. Fast food. Most clues, though, were just easy enough to be relaxing. 13 across: four-letter word for sign, starting with “o”: omen.

Annoying crossword puzzle book in the recycling bin

Good riddance, and good thing garbage and recycling pickup is tomorrow!

Omen indeed. The new book is nothing but obscure clues and confounding references. I ignore puzzle 4 and start on 5. Half a dozen questionable words later I have a few cross words of my own for this puzzle book.

Just as well; my bed calls. I finish getting ready for bed, and take a detour by the kitchen recycling bin. I toss the pulpy rag in.

Now I don’t have a puzzle book for the next time I have royal business. I will have to remember to pick up a new book sometime. Meanwhile, I can play a few rounds of Words By Post and AlphaJax on my phone, but please don’t tell my opponents where I made my last move.

Incidentally, in addition to Windows Phone, Words by Post is available for Windows 8, Android and iOS. If you own a device running one of the latter two, I will leave it to you to find the game. AlphaJax is also available for Windows 8.

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