Fathers’ eyes

The last few days I unexpectedly found some really good blog posts written by other fathers about their experiences as fathers. I am pleased to present you with these three.

  • The Abridged MBTTTR Story, posted on Must Be This Tall to Ride. I didn’t even know Matt was featured on WordPress’s own blog when I found his blog this morning. Matt has written some incredibly good posts. I recommend this one as a jumping off point to a lot of them.
    As every father knows, being a father is sometimes one of the hardest jobs you can ever have. I am married and I say that. As hard as it is sometimes, it can’t be anywhere near as hard for me as it is for Matt. The Matt whose wife left him Matt. Matt’s stories encourage me and inspire me. If Matt can do it, I can do it.
  • On being a dad – the value of consistency, posted on Holding together the jello. Mark is another father going it alone. This post serves as a great personal reminder to remember to rein it in when I’m cranky, frustrated, or otherwise less than pleasant. It is easy for me to spot when other fathers have lost it. It is not always so easy for me spot when I am headed in the same direction. Thanks for the reminder, Mark!
  • “As Long as it’s Healthy.” Why I Hate This Saying. Posted on Finding Fatherhood. Normally I wait until a blog racked up some nebulously larger number than two posts over few months before recommending others take a look. But expectant father Jon brought me back to when my son was mere weeks old in the womb.
    At the time my wife was classified AMA. Short for Advanced Maternal Age. We were told AMA also means an increased risk of Down’s syndrome. The doctor offered a test for that. My wife and I discussed it. We only needed a few minutes. We didn’t phrase it nearly as well as Jon did in his post when we declined the test, as the result would not change our minds on keeping our baby.

Are there any others you would recommend?

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger! I wrote this for my Zero to Hero blogging challenge day twenty-three assignment.

4 thoughts on “Fathers’ eyes

  1. You said some really nice things. Thank you so much for that. I’ve been so blessed to see what loving single parents look like.

    And now I have to do it too.

    I have some amazing stepparents. Another blessing.

    And maybe my son will have the opportunity to have some of those too.

    I think we’re just supposed to do the best we can with the gifts we’re given; the cards we’re dealt.

    You’re job is to be an amazing husband and father.

    I get the sense you’re trying very hard to be just that.

    That’s where heroism lives. Thanks for that.

  2. I’m truly thrilled that you felt my article was worth sharing. Thank you so much! Being the best father and husband I can be is the single largest responsiblily I have ever had, and I’m thrilled for it.

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