I learned a rather important cycling lesson today: if you simply must treat yourself to a medium chocolate malt at DQ®, do not ride with it if comes with one of those open dome lids. You know, the kind that go on an ICEE® or Slurpee®. Either ask for a standard flat soft drink lid, or stay put and enjoy your treat.

The consequences of ignoring this bit of advice will be quite apparent as soon as you hit a bump as you pedal away.

Today I ignored that bit of advice out of ignorance. My frosty treat sprayed my arm from cup to elbow. It even went under my HRM watch. Oh yeah, that was pleasant. Minor miracles of minor miracles, my bike only managed to be tainted by a couple three drops of the sticky goo. (Found the third drop on the pedal crank, same side as the tainted handle bar, after I had myself a nice, long, hot shower.)

Fortunately, I had snagged a few napkins before leaving the store. After cleaning my arm of most of the mess, I wedged the napkins in the lid’s gaping hole. Just enough to prevent a repeat spraying at the next bump in the road.

Next time I think I will skip the malt altogether. Sure it was good and tasty, but not nearly good and tasty enough to risk a repeat fountaining of chocolaty dairy product all over my stretchy synthetics-clad self. It’s bad enough the clothes need to be soiled with sunscreen.


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